2018-19 Internships

Below are summaries of open internship positions with links to more detailed information and how to apply. Creative positions can be made that blend your unique skills, interests, learning goals withe the needs and mission of City Repair. Contact Volunteer Coordinator Kirk Rea for more info: volunteer@cityrepair.org. 



The Placemaking Intern assists in the following areas with facilitative leadership and within a larger team that provides direct service to communities implementing placemaking projects using intersection repair, permaculture gardening, and natural building culminating in annual event, the Village Building Convergence in early June. To read a personal reflection of a past intern, click here.

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The Hearth Intern will work as a part of our Hearth team and focus on supporting the creation of the Central Venue Hearth Village. Depending on your interest and our top priority need, we will co-create a way for you to plug into one of several sub-committees or circles. Depending on interest and the team, we have also had a Village Market for allied organizations and vendors, an auction, a Children’s village for little people and a Healing Village for accessible body and energy work from licensed practitioners.

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The T-Fleet will be active starting mid-April for Earth Day engagements likely at Portland State University (PSU) and Portland Community College (PCC). The intern will support the T-Fleet team with organizing the presence of the T-Fleet at these events  and more, administratively in terms of planning and program management, as well as logistically in terms of day-of event-related activities.

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The Relationship Intern will work as a part of our Development team and focus on keeping the Nourishment team (food donations), Ecological Landscaping team (plant donations) and the Materials team (paint donations) working synergistically and are being recognized through our various channels of social media.  Depending on your interest and our top priority needs, we would also work on grant funding.


Story Telling

Sit on our communications and media team while interfacing with all projects. This team is responsible for our newsletter, website, general social media, graphic media, and will have a high focus on creating article and blog content. With a dynamic mission and community, 20 year history, and bustling year round projects, this internship will help document the past, present, and our dreams for the future.