Our biggest annual program is the Village Building Convergence. Over the past 21 years we have facilitated 1000s of community members in their placemaking journey.

To journey through time and place, use the interactive maps below to watch our placemaking endeavors from the beginning until 2017!

City Repair and/or VBC across the nation, and the globe!
We've also helped start numerous chapters of the VBC across the nation, and even in Canada.
* Sebastapol VBC
* OlyVBC (Olympia)
* Santa Barbara VBC (California)
* City Repair Calgary (Canada)
* Vermont VBC

Organizations or entities that have been birthed from City Repair over time include:
The Portland Earth Day Coalition
Free Geek
* ClarkLewis, Gotham Tavern, and Family Supper

Other placemaking interventions/initiatives that we were foundational in supporting, developing, or inspiring include:
Dignity Village
Tryon Farm
ReBuilding Center
* PDX Harp

Across the Nation!
* Village Reclamation Project (Minneapolis)
* OM Village (Madison, WI)
* Quixote Village (Olympia, WA)
* Opportunity Village (Eugene, OR)
* Feet First (Seattle)
* PLACE (Oakland, California)