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Numerous write ups have been made about City Repair since 1996 and we're in the process of archiving them. If you know of an article that isn't found below, please share with Cheers!

A Weekend of Music, Community, and Giving Back, 6/9/2016, Compose Yourself Magazine
June dragon street painting project brings beauty, community connections, 6/1/2016, Concordia Neighborhood Assosciation
Building the Village of Portland (One Transgression at a Time), 4/20/2015, Noise & Color Media
Collected Ideas That Bring Hope for a Greener, Healthier World, 4/20/2015, Huffington Post
The Village Building Convergence: An answer to better questions, 5/15/2014, Street Roots News
Building the World We Want: Interview with Mark Lakeman,05/12/2015, Yes! Magazine
Where Art & Community Intersect, 6/9/2013, Neighborhood Connections
Portland neighborhoods: City Repair Project looking for proposals to build neighborhood communities, 01/04/2011, The Oregonian
Turning Space into Place: Portland's City Repair Project, 08/2009, Many Mouths Feed One Stomach
BUILDLING THE FUTURE NOW, 02/2007, The Flying Hammer
Intersection Repair Projects, 2003, Boston Public Health Commission
The City Repair Project, In the Field
City Repair Project Case Study, University of Washington